My Story

Say Say arrived in Australia year 2007. She learned about sustainability in school and fell in love it straight away. She also saw the need to educate others in the community, those with similar background to her, about sustainable living and making eco-conscious choices in life.

After starting her first business 'Moments & Time', a personalised gift shop, she fell in love with making scented candle for the very reason that one can relive or bring back a memory through scent, which is very fitting for 'Moments & Time'.

Moreover, Say Say saw candle making as a gate way to educate others about making eco-conscious choices.

First workshop

She held her very first free candle making workshop in her small dinning room with close friends.

Running this workshop sparked an interest in her to teach others about making eco-friendly candle. This will become a gateway to educate others and raise awareness about making eco-conscious choices, not just in candle making, but also in day to day living.

Our Mission

Be a gateway in sharing Love and Joy

Everyone will be a better version of themselves with abit of Love from others. Each of our candles and personalised gifts are carefully well thought out so the receiver will feel the love and care with each gift.

Educate and Empower

At Moments & Time, we are dedicated to educate and empower others on making eco-conscious choices by sharing our knowledge and practice transparently.

Moving forward, we would expand our compass to work with greater community and people from all background to run our candle making educational workshop.

Our Effort

With each product we use to make our candles and our packaging, we carefully thought out to make an eco-conscious choice where possible.