Collection: Signature Scent

Our signature collection is the result of carefully blended high quality fragrance oil to create uniquely scented candles.

Our Candles are made up of 3 main ingredients; 100% Pure soy wax without any additives or hardener, natural wood wick, and high quality fragrance oils tested and approved for usage in candles, source within Australia. 

Amber Jars for our full size candles with black aluminium lid is simply aesthetic. Amber glass jar gives protection from UV rays. It is recyclable and you can repurpose and reuse it in many great ways. For our full size candle labels we use eco-friendly paper range from Avery which is made from recycle material and is FSC certified. Moreover, these labels utilises water soluble adhesive thus very environmentally friendly.

Dessert Candles Collection

Indulge yourself or your friend with these amazingly delicious looking dessert candles.